Smart Protective Film Plotter

Connect mobile phone to the plotter through Bluetooth(only available for Android phones). Only one can operate it the same time.
Automatic statistics function. Distributors are able to know the sales performances of the plotters in each retail store through our background system.
Fit independent shops and roadside booths.
Free film installation kits.
ZC1 and C180 share the same device templates, blade kit and film.

  • One Film For Various Uses
    No need to stock up various protective films for different devices.
  • 6000+Templates
    It covers more than 6000 templates with real-time update for new models within 24 hours. 
  • 30s Cutting On-demand
    Just one click to cut the film for any model in 30 seconds.
  • Various Film Types
    We continuously innovate various front & back films of different materials and patterns for customers to choose.
  • Real-time Data Record
    Distributors can track the sales record of their subordinate dealers in our system.
  • Safe & Stable System
    Self-developed Android App provides safe and stable Bluetooth connection. 
  • Sales Region Protection
    We provide sales region protection for both plotter and film to guarantee customers'  interests.
  • Wide Compatibility 
    It is compatible with phone (front and back), watch, camera, etc.
  • Various Films
    Front Film: High definition Film, Anti-blue Light Eye Care Film,  Matte Film
    Back Film: Carbon Fiber Film, Aurora Film, Splendid Film, BlingBling Film, Leather-like Film, Metal-like Film.
  • High-quality Material 
    Super tough and flexible material is scratch-resistant and wear resistant. It is easy to install and remove. 
  • Authorized Patterns
    Authorized popular high definition patterns are chosen for splendid back film.
  • Product Certification
     It has passed SGS professional certification, which is the highest quality standard in the industry.
  • High Popularity
     It is highly welcomed by all kinds of customers, such as IP fans, iPhone fans,  Huawei phone fans, etc.