Portable Fascia Gun

Model PFG01
Vibration mode  Four
Number of buttons Power button / vibration mode switching button
Built-in battery capacity 2500mAh
Motor speed  About 1000 ~ 3000
Input force (voltage/current) DC 5V / 2A
Body material Plastic (ABS + PC)
Body color  White
Product Size 114*138*46mm
product weight  About 400
range of working temperature 045
Storage temperature -1055
Accessories Portable Fascia Gun
Charging cable (Type-C)
Attachment x 4
Operation & function
Button 1. Power on / off: Press and hold the power button for about 1.5 seconds to turn the power on / off.
2. Switch vibration mode: Switch mode time you press the power button
Gear light 1 Grade: 1 Pcs light
2 Grade: 2 Pcs lights
3 Grade: 3 Pcs lights
4 Grade: 3 Pcs Flashing lights
Charging light Insufficient power: Flashing red (15% or less)
Charging: Lights red, Fully charged, Lights green (Charging time: Approximately 3 hours)
Working hours
Mode: Approximately 10 hours
* For safety, it will stop automatically after 10 minutes of use.
Massage head Flat head: whole body
Conical head: for joints
Ball head: used for muscle groups
U-shaped head: used for cervical spine and shoulder
Convenient to carry Compact mold design + industry-first 400g weight, easy to carry and use
Strong endurance Use cordless + 2500mAh battery, up to 12.5 hours of operation
Quiet design The quiet design of 40db makes it easy to use anywhere
Easy to use You can relax at home or outdoors and in various scenes.