TWS Earbuds

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BT 5.0 Airoha 1536 1:1 Gen.2
(Wireless Charging+Ear Sensor+Location+Change bluetooth name)
1) Airoha 1536
2)Bluetooth Version 5.0
3) Wireless Charging
4)Ear Sensor+Location+Change bluetooth name
5) -Strong Signal /Stable Connectivity / Low-Power Consumption /Size 1:1
6) Sleek , Stylish and Ergonomic
7) Dual-Channel Audio and Voice
8) Provide clear, high-clarity sounds when listening music or making a call
9) Voice Assistant , -iOS tap to Siri /Android.OS

BT 5.0 Airoha 1536 1:1 Gen.2
(Wireless Charging+Ear Sensor+Location+Change bluetooth name)
1) Airoha 1536                                                     
2)Bluetooth Version 5.0
3) Wireless Charging                                                      
4)Ear Sensor+Location+Change bluetooth name
5) -Strong Signal /Stable Connectivity / Low-Power Consumption /Size 1:1
6) Sleek , Stylish and Ergonomic
7) Dual-Channel Audio and Voice 
8) Provide clear, high-clarity sounds when listening music or making a call 
9) Voice Assistant , -iOS tap to Siri /Android.OS
NW:38g (with charging dock
Package size:10X10X3.3cm
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Charge docking capacity 400mAh
Working Distance 10m
Charge Time 45 mins CBM: 100pcs/Carton
Standby Time  100 H  
Music time 3-4 H    
Special function Either earphone switch Certifacte CE,RoHS,MSDS
Chipset  Airoha 1536    
Input Interface Lightningcharging    
Input voltage DC 5V/1A    
Frequency  20HZ-20KHZ  
Optional Color White/Black/Golden/Sliver/Green