Why Are True Wireless Earbuds So Popular?

TWS technology has been used in the field of earbuds, hence the emergence of a new product: TWS earbuds. In short, the TWS earbuds' left and right earbuds work independently without the cable. The advantage is that a true wireless structure completely eliminates the need for wired annoyance. It can also be used as two machines for two purposes

    As more and more mobile devices gradually eliminate the 3.5mm headphone port, it will be used in combination with the USB-C/Lightning port charging jack.

That way, the phone has fewer openings. However, losing contact every day and having to choose between charging and listening to music is one of the two situations, which brings us a lot of inconvenience.

Against this background, the TWS earplug market has been developing like crazy due to the trend of no holes in smart phones.
On the other hand, for the growing number of users traveling in subways, buses and airports, when they take out their bags and see a lot of wires and adapters tangled together, they will feel unhappy. Our times and our lives are inevitably moving in the direction of wireless development.

The TWS earplug market is so popular because of the increased price of the product experience, the increase in the number of bluetooth 5.0 phones, and the elimination of the 3.5mm audio interface on the flagship phone.

These are all things that have happened, enough to drive the TWS earplug market from zero to one. With the addition of intelligent voice described below, TWS will be the next Internet gateway.