Dynamic headphones
Dynamic earphones are divided into open, semi-open, and closed earphones according to their degree of opening. At present, the vast majority of earphones and earplugs are moving coil headphones.
The principle is similar to ordinary speakers, the coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected to the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the drive of the signal current.
Moving iron headphones
Moving iron earphones are earphones that are transmitted to the center of a micro-diaphragm through a precision connecting rod to generate vibration and sound.
Moving iron earphones can be easily inserted into the ear canal because the unit is much smaller. This approach effectively reduces the area of the ear
It can be placed deeper in the ear canal. The geometric structure of the ear canal is much simpler than that of the auricle, and it belongs to a round shape, so a soft silicone sleeve
Compared with traditional earplugs, it can already achieve good sound insulation and anti-leakage effect.
Circle iron headphones
Headphone combined with moving coil speaker + moving iron speaker,
Coil iron headphones are the combination of the strengths of the two speakers. Through the frequency divider, the low coil and the middle coil use the moving coil, and the middle and high tones are responsible
In order to achieve excellent separation, layering, resolution, and sound of the headphones.