99% Of People Don't Use Headphones Healthily

On the street, we see more and more young people like to wear headphones, listen to the most familiar music, to their own heart the most sincere warmth. Just wear your headphones and you can cut off from this has been a world of disturbing. Slowly we began to rely on headphones, no matter the occasion, headphones have become an integral part of our lives.
However, if the long-term use of improper methods to wear headphones, often our eardrums will be extremely harmful, in music also do not achieve the best sound quality of the headset. So Mr. Chang decided to analyze and analyze the correct wearing methods and wearing habits of ear-in-ear headphones for everyone today.
The in-ear headphones have a more extreme music experience than other headphones. And a good ear sleeve can let us get the best sealing, so we must choose the ear cover when carefully compared. Ear cover material generally has rubber and foam two forms, generally recommended that we first choose rubber sleeve, there will be large, medium and small three specifications for the user to choose, we can start from the medium number. If the rubber sleeve does not fit, you can consider the foam.
And when wearing, many people will directly put the headset into the end, in fact, this method is very wrong. In addition to the oppression and hurt that will cause our ears, it is also poor in sound quality. The most appropriate method should be to insert the end of the ear sleeve a little bit into the ear, so that the ear sleeve can fully expand open, closed the ear canal. Then pull the earlobe down slightly by hand, which widens the ear slightly and continues to push the earbud shoving inward for the best sealing and music experience.
As for wearing habits, we should also follow certain good habits:
Like the eyes, we stop and take a proper rest when we continue to use a dingxi. For headphones, Mr. Chang believes that it is necessary to use it for an hour in a row and take it off his ear for ten minutes. This allows our eardrums to get some cushioning rest.
In terms of volume, it's not that a bigger volume gives us the ultimate experience. We usually turn the volume down to be able to hear it clearly and a little bigger. In-ear headphones themselves can bring us a good soundproofing effect, so the sound of the outside world will not have much impact on us.
There is also a big misconception is that in order to let the ears get the rest they deserve, they usually choose to wear left and right earwheels. In fact, this practice is quite undesirable, long-term use of one ear to listen to music, will easily cause our migraines.