If it is to the headphone sound quality there is a pursuit and headphone enthusiasts, get a new headset, the first thing must be "cooker" but the headset cooker is necessary?
The purpose of the cooker is to make the horn quickly and steadily aging a method, in fact, in the horn of the sound film, the new headphone diaphragm mechanical smoothness is poor, resulting in greater distortion, through the method of the cooker, the smoothness will gradually become better, distortion will also be reduced to normal levels, so as to get a more perfect sound. Cooker run-in is an easy to understand the concept, and the car a truth, the newly bought car brake sensitivity is low, braking performance did not reach the best state, the use of a period of time brake pads after the run-in, braking will slowly reach the best. Stereo Bluetooth headsets and wired headphones are necessary.
Headphone cooker is a more difficult technical work, to control the length of time, volume, use of music type and sound frequency. Choose different music for whether the headset is biased in favor of bass or vocals. Poor control is not good sound quality is not ideal, heavy damage to the horn. Different sound quality pursuit and machine proficiency has different cooking methods, but also when the cooker becomes simpler, 1, fast cooker, 2, natural cooker, 3, software cooker. Depending on the sensitivity and impedance to choose a voltage output playback device to be performed, music should also choose non-destructive music, such as FLAC format music, the original CD discreted audio format for non-destructive encoding, can achieve the frequency range of the original record. After the system's cooker, the sound expression will be more delicate, clear, roundanding and natural.
First, fast cooker
Fast cooker, in a short period of time to achieve the ideal playback effect, can use white noise, pink noise (such as the radio's no signal when the sound, the sound is very harsh is white noise, the sound is delicate is pink noise) another is the regular music cycle playback in stages to the cooker, about a week can be completed. Currently suitable for the headphone cooker music has the ferry - Cai Qin, female mid-tone and low-frequency test (2)94 non-plug version of the California Hotel, three-frequency balance, clear details, feel the sound field and so on.
Second, natural cooker
Simple understanding is not deliberately choose the music cooker, listen to their favorite type can, choose small volume, avoid electronic music, a long time on the ear, the sound quality will slowly run into the ideal state.
Third, the software cooker
In order to cook simpler, at present many players have introduced the cooker special software, and is fully automatic playback, there is a fixed non-destructive cooker music, software automatically control volume and duration, intelligent cooker more convenient. At present, Cool Dog Music, Cool I Music Player App all support software cooker.
Does the headset have an unnecessary cooker? Look at the above introduction can understand that the headset is still very necessary to pot, through the cooker can get a more perfect sound quality, but the low-end headphones have no pot value, not only waste time and energy, sound quality will not improve.