In-ear Headphones And Health

In-ear headphones and health
People often mistake earphones for hearing loss and ear disease. The truth, however, is that earphones are safe when used properly.
First point: You need to know that listening to music for too long and in high tresscents can damage your hearing, no matter which headset (or speaker you are using). The advantage of using in-ear headphones is that you can turn the volume down because you don't need to raise the volume to counterthes the background noise. This lower volume means that in noisy environments, it will be safer to use in-ear headphones than to use headphones, and non-in-ear earbuds. And don't think that earphones are close to the eardrum and can easily damage your hearing. Since the in-ear headphones are used at a lower volume, it is at least as safe at the same volume as the average headset.
Second point: When a foreign object is inserted into the ear canal, your ears will produce more earwax. This is the human body in the ear canal wet, closed conditions to protect themselves, against external objects, to prevent bacterial growth methods. Therefore, when using in-ear headphones, it's best to remove the headphones from time to time to relax the air flow to relax the ear canal (also allows your middle/deep ear canal to have a short break under constant bombardment of sound). Regular cleaning of earwax is also recommended. However, consult your doctor about how to clean earwax safely before you do it yourself. Earwax accidentally enters the inner ear canal, causing obstruction or even infection (if earwax condensation damages the eardrum). Once you find an ear infection, stop using any headphones immediately and seek medical attention immediately.
It is also important to note that humans themselves cannot adapt to long-term noise environments, even if they are under low sound pressure. A recent World Health Organization study showed that lower noise does not cause hearing loss, but still has a negative effect on the body. People who have been in a noisy environment for a long time are physically and psychologically more susceptible to serious illness. Although I haven't studied hard, my advice is to think carefully, even at a low volume, before you're ready to listen to music for a long time. It's true that we all love music, but that doesn't mean we listen to it all the time.
In short, listen at a low volume, listen when you need it, and keep the ear canal and in-ear headphones clean, so don't keep listening for too long. Remember: The process of hearing loss is irreversible (it is difficult to recover once your hearing is impaired), so use this common sense to take care of yourself.