Why is there a Murmur when Bluetooth Headphone is Talking?

When you use a Bluetooth microphone headset, do you sometimes have poor call quality, murmur and low voice? When talking, the other party always complains that they can't hear clearly, and there are always murmurs on their side. After the end of the call, they repeatedly debug their mobile phones and headphones.

What's wrong with trying to find out?

First, quality problems: Nowadays, the quality of many Bluetooth headset microphones is not good, resulting in poor sound quality, poor call quality, Bluetooth headset quality is still good.

Second, Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range radio frequency technology that is vulnerable to interference from other peripheral electronic devices. It ensures that your Bluetooth microphone headset and device have been correctly connected, and within 10 meters, there are no other barriers, such as walls or doors. Try to adjust the position of the headset and the host.

Sometimes the noise can be eliminated. Third, try connecting Bluetooth with another mobile phone. Sometimes it's just a mobile phone problem, not a Bluetooth problem. In order to ensure that the Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone are good, the correct connection, the Bluetooth microphone headset can not be too close to the mobile phone, so that the two wheat will form interference, there will be noise, when using, please keep the distance between the mobile phone and Bluetooth.
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  • Why is there a Murmur when Bluetooth Headphone is Talking?
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