Why Do Tws Earbuds Can Be Popular?

TWS technology has been used in earplug field, so a new product has emerged: tws earbuds. Simply put, the left and right earplugs of TWS earplugs can work independently without cable connection. Its advantage is that the real wireless structure completely abandons the wired annoyance. It can also be used as two machines for two purposes

As more and more mobile devices gradually cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole, it will be combined with the USB-C/Lightning port charging jack.

In this way, there are fewer cell phone openings. However, the daily loss of connection and the situation that charging and listening to music can only be chosen as one of two causes us a lot of inconvenience.

In this background, the market of tws earbuds has witnessed a crazy development driven by the trend of smartphone holelessness.

On the other hand, for more and more users traveling in the subway, bus and airport, when they take out their bags and see a lot of wires and adapters intertwined, they will be upset. Our times and life are inevitably moving towards wireless development.

The reason why the tws earbuds market is so popular is that the price of product experience has increased, the number of Bluetooth 5.0 mobile phones has increased, and the flagship mobile phone has cancelled the 3.5mm audio interface.

These are things that are already happening, which are enough to make the tws earbuds market grow from 0 to 1. With the addition of intelligent voice introduced below, TWS will become the next Internet gateway.

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  • Why Do Tws Earbuds Can Be Popular?
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