What's the Difference between Micro USB and Type C? Which is Better?

First of all, the positive and negative of micro usb sockets sometimes affect people's use, but also is a hard injury often criticized. Every time you use it, you must first distinguish the positive and negative, and if you do not work well, you will not plug in, sometimes you will accidentally break the interface. So compared with Microsoft usb, the cable usb type c can be inserted without looking for the positive and negative. It is simply too convenient to distinguish the positive and negative. It can be said that it perfectly improves the user's experience of the mobile phone and also solves a difficult problem in our use. Of course, this advantage is the most intuitive experience, in addition to many other advantages.

Another advantage is that it makes the mobile phone interface thinner. Since the beginning of the full popularity of smart phones, the major mobile phone manufacturers are starting from the appearance of mobile phones, and pursuing the beauty and refinement of the appearance, so that the design of mobile phones is ultra-thin, which also makes the mobile phones of major manufacturers more competitive. At this time, compared with the micro-usb interface, the width makes the ultra-thin principle difficult to achieve. Therefore, cable usb type c interface has begun to enter the eyes of the majority of manufacturers, which is one of the reasons why cable usb type c has been widely used by many mobile phone manufacturers.

Finally, the cable usb type c interface has faster data transmission and higher output voltage. As early as 14 years ago, cable usb type c was ready for mass production, and adopted the 3.1 standard, which is much faster than the usb 2.0 interface used in early smartphones, and the maximum data transmission speed can reach 10 Gbit/sec. From a practical point of view, although the degree of use is difficult to achieve, on the whole, it is also a qualitative change. The output voltage of cable usb type c is also increased, which shortens the charging time and realizes fast charging of various equipment.

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  • What's the Difference between Micro USB and Type C? Which is Better?
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