What Is Bluetooth 4.0?

Bluetooth is a technology people know but don't necessarily love. That's because Bluetooth gadgets can be tough to pair, and they tend to run out of juice too quickly. Bluetooth 4.0—or Bluetooth Smart—gives the standard a brain transplant. The new specification uses improved technology that helps everyday gadgets stay paired longer while using less power. Plus, Bluetooth 4.0 enables a new class of gadgets such as fitness trackers, medical devices, key fobs for your car, and even home lighting controls.

Want to get up to speed? Our guide to Bluetooth 4.0 explains all.

How is Bluetooth 4.0 Different?

This generation of Bluetooth is split into two groups: Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart. To understand why the tech has been split, you first have to look at the challenges facing Bluetooth as we know it. Those challenges are battery drain and the constant pairing and re-pairing of connected gadgets.
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  • What Is Bluetooth 4.0?
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