What are the kinds of Creative Bluetooth Speakers Suitable for Business Gifts

Category 1: Mini Portable Type of the Single Horn

The mini portable bluetooth speaker in the terms of pronunciation can be divided into one speaker, one speaker and one bass radiator, one speaker and inverted hole and one horn diaphragm. Functionally speaking, it is mainly divided into ordinary single-cylinder mini bluetooth speaker and outdoor mini bluetooth speaker.

Ordinary single-cylinder mini bluetooth speaker

The starting state of the bluetooth speakers are dominated by this simple single-barrel bluetooth speaker. Because of its simple structure and technology, it does not need special technical support, which attracts a large number of manufacturers. Because of its low price, it is very popular with people who have just contacted bluetooth speakers. There are numerous speakers on the market for a time, having contributed a lot to people's understanding and familiarity with bluetooth speakers. However, due to the constraints of its own conditions, such as small cavity, serious product homogeneity and low price, it is difficult to break through the sound quality of the speaker. The duration of the speaker is relatively short, mostly in the range of 2 and 3 hours, which leads to the limitation of the use of the speaker. Most of the speakers can only be used in fixed places. Most of its users have no requirement for sound quality, so it is easy for the public to buy a single bluetooth speaker with low price.

Outdoor Single Cylinder Mini Creative Bluetooth Speaker

Because the ordinary mini bluetooth speaker is difficult to meet the requirements of outdoor environment, so the outdoor mini bluetooth speaker came into being. Its wireless, portable, making it use at home or the outdoors, which can meet the basic requirements of waterproof and fall-proof and the simple outdoor sports. However, as the limitations of small size, its sound quality can not have a greater breakthrough, and can only break through in portability and waterproof and fall-proof, generally in the duration of 3 to 5 hours, which can only carry out short outdoor activities. As a transitional product of outdoor bluetooth speakers, its price is relatively cheap. The main advantages of this kind of speakers are compact, portable and easy to carry, but the other side of compactness is the shortcomings of general sound quality, that is, poor bass, short battery life and so on.

Category 2: Perfect combination of dual speakers' sound quality and portability

This creative bluetooth speakers in the aspect of the pronunciation unit can be divided into two speakers, two speakers and one diaphragm, two speakers and inverted hole, two speakers and two diaphragms and so on. In terms of function, it is mainly divided into mini-home bluetooth speaker and outdoor sports bluetooth speaker.

Mini Home Bluetooth Speaker

This type of speaker has been greatly improved in sound quality, which basically meets the needs of the vast majority of people, unless you have a very professional requirement for sound quality. Its sound quality is better, compact and portable, which basically is the palm size, suitable for household display. The design of diverse products is a good bluetooth speaker. But because it is not specially designed for outdoor sports, the product has a general grip, no waterproof and fall-proof function, so the main use is the indoor venues.

Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speaker

The outdoor sports type is the newest one in the bluetooth speaker market. He combines the advantages of the front speakers. The speakers are easy to handle and can meet the needs of both household and outdoor use for a long time. Because of the high demand for professional technology and material use, there are only some large brands of businessmen who design and produce, and the workmanship is more meticulous, the materials are more exquisite, and there are certain technical support. Its sound quality can reach a relatively high level, better than the general Bluetooth speaker, which can meet the majority of users. Due to the need to meet some extreme outdoor environment, this type of product is specially designed in materials, usually with a strong three-proof function, and its battery endurance is lasting for usually 10-20 hours. Prices range from 400 to 1500 yuan. This kind of speaker, combining portability with sound quality, has good practicability and applicability, and will become the mainstream of bluetooth speaker market in the future.

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  • What are the kinds of Creative Bluetooth Speakers Suitable for Business Gifts
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