Use Sharing of Power Dock for Multiple Devices

Count life distractions: sockets are never enough to rank first.

As a teenager with deep Internet addiction, whether the power of electronic equipment is full or not is the greatest sense of security.

With the emergence of various new digital products, while enjoying the convenient and intelligent life experience they bring us, we also have new troubles: in order to charge these devices, you will find that the plug-in board is not enough at home, or the bedside cabinet is surrounded by various charging wires. If it is possible, can strongly ask the decorator to install a few dozen more sockets.

To solve this problem, a development team created power dock for multiple devices, allowing mobile phones, tablets and smart watches to charge together. After several days of trial, the experience is very good. I can't wait to share with you.

The charging device is a power dock for multiple devices, which integrates charging ports of tablet computers, mobile phones, headphones and other electronic devices.

The invention of this base has two meanings:

1. It can reduce the number of sockets required, and home sockets less problem is solved. 2. Before, one to one, one plug corresponds to one socket. In this way, not only the socket is not enough, but also the plug. It also takes up a lot of space. Now one can be regarded as four. From the quantity and space, its requirements have been reduced, which is touching. The sockets will be enough.

It is worth mentioning that the wireless charging base of smart watches can be detached separately, which is convenient for users to carry while traveling. At the same time, this part also provides additional USB charging outlets, and users can charge other mobile phones or tablets.

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  • Use Sharing of Power Dock for Multiple Devices
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