Two or Three Things about Selecting Wireless Headphones

Nowadays, we can get excellent sound quality through wireless headphones, so that you can listen to music freely and swing freely. However, when you make up your mind to try wireless headphones, "how to choose" has become a problem for many people. Today, let's get the right posture for Bluetooth wireless headphones.

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1. Earplug wireless headphones

Suitable for the crowd: fitness enthusiasts, commuters.Good wireless earbuds are ideal for people who exercise regularly. Especially when you run in the gym or outdoors, you will find the good wireless earbuds. In addition, this type of headset is also a good choice for commuters because it is easy to carry. Whether it's in a bag or in a pocket, it takes up very little space.

2. Pressure earphone

Suitable for people: enjoy high-quality music at any time and anywhere. These earphones are smaller and lighter than earphone type earphones. They can not completely cover their ears. They usually have foam or artificial leather mats, and they feel more comfortable to wear. Some are foldable, so they are more portable. However, because many of these headphones are designed with an open back, the sound quality of these headphones is slightly worse than that of closed wireless headphones.

3. Earmuff wireless headphones

Portability: ★★★
Suitable for the crowd: not good at sound quality.These earphones can be worn comfortably for a long time, with cushions, and completely cover the ears. Larger pads help reduce interference from ambient noise, but their size and sound insulation mean that they are usually less portable. However, recent foldable designs have helped make them more portable. In addition to wearability, portability and brand considerations, you can also refer to some key technologies when choosing wireless headphones.
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  • Two or Three Things about Selecting Wireless Headphones
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