Three Ways to Choose Bluetooth Speakers

1.Sound quality

Although Bluetooth speakers are not as large as HIFI speakers in terms of loudspeakers and power, for the vast majority of users, good Bluetooth speakers with tablets and mobile phones are enough to meet daily auditory needs. In this case, how to judge the sound quality? The most intuitive way is to listen in person.


Compared with traditional audio devices, Bluetooth speakers have a wider audience. Whether they are mobile phones, notebooks or tablets, they can connect with Bluetooth speakers very quickly. At the same time, Bluetooth version is also one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Bluetooth speakers. A good Bluetooth speaker will use a higher version of Bluetooth. At present, Bluetooth speakers in the market are mainly 3.0 and 4.0 versions. Generally speaking, the higher the version of Bluetooth, the longer the duration of the speaker, and the farther the effective transmission distance, the stronger the compatibility of Bluetooth.


The duration of the speaker is the same as that of the mobile phone. Of course, the longer the speaker, the better. Of course, everything has a peak value, under normal use, the ideal duration of Bluetooth should be maintained at 8-10 hours. Take the two-cell Bluetooth speakers as an example, their power is concentrated between 3W and 6W. If you want to achieve a better playback time, the best battery capacity should be more than 1000 mAh.
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  • Three Ways to Choose Bluetooth Speakers
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