The Concentrating Points of the Selection of AI speakers

1. Intelligent Interaction Properties

What is the intelligent property of ai speakers? For consumers, the most important concerns are the accuracy of voice interaction of ai speaker, response speed, availability in complex environments, and the humanization, intelligence and personalization of functional experience.

2. Speed of Voice Interaction

In addition to the accuracy of voice interaction, response speed is also a performance index that can not be ignored when people chose an ai speaker. Reaction speed is a comprehensive index, which is affected by all kinds of the parameters such as wake-up response rate, network and cloud data processing. Moreover, different questions raised after wake-up may have different responses, and the speed will be slowed down in varying degrees.

3. Availability in Complex Environment

AI speakers need 220V power supply to provide the electricity. In addition, all ai speakers need the support of wifi, that is to say, the main application environment of intelligent speakers is indoor, which is not convenient to carry out as bluetooth speakers.

4. Functional Experience

Humanization, intellectualization and personalization of functional experience are the most concerned dimensions for the users, because the final purchase or experience of users is in the function and the attributes. AI speaker has the basic functions of playing music, audiobook, inquiring about weather, setting memo, setting alarm clock, smart home control and so on.

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  • The Concentrating Points of the Selection of AI speakers
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