The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Wireless Charger

The advantages of portable wireless charger are as follows:

Convenience: Non-contact, one-to-many charging, compared with ordinary chargers, reduces the trouble of plugging and unplugging, and also avoids the phenomenon of inappropriate interface and poor contact. The elderly can also use it conveniently.

Multipurpose: A portable wireless charger can charge multiple loads, and a family can buy a charger to meet the needs of the whole family.

Universality: It has wide range of applications, and uses the same wireless charging standard, such as Qi standard, which can be used for wireless charging regardless of which device manufacturer.

Novelty: User experience is good.

Safety: With a variety of protection functions, such as: overcharge and overdischarge, metal foreign body detection and other functions, it always protects the user's personal and property insurance safety.

Disadvantages of portable wireless charger:

The charging transmission distance of wireless charger is short, with the effective transmission distance of less than 10 mm.

The power is relatively low. At present, the Qi standard stipulates that the power is 5w, 7.5w, 10W and 15W. Compared with the high-power chargers such as 18W and 48W wired fast charging, the power is still too low, which leads to the slow charging speed of wireless chargers for mobile phones.

Although a few newly launched smartphones have their own wireless charging capabilities, most of the current mobile phones still do not support wireless charging, or need to add wireless charging and receiving chip to experience the fun of wireless charging. Such a situation can not be changed in a short time. It will still take some time for wireless charging to be popularized.

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  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Wireless Charger
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