APM-S01 magic cup
APM-S01 magic cup
APM-S01 magic cup
APM-S01 magic cup
APM-S01 magic cup
APM-S01 magic cup
APM-S01 magic cup
APM-S01 magic cup

APM-S01 magic cup

APM-S01 Magic Cup
Name: Magic cup
Series: Audio
Bluetooth: 5.0
Transmission Distance: ≤10M
Battery: Li-polymer Battery
Output Power: 3W
Frequency: 90Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 80db±2d
Product Size:63*60*60mm
Color: Black, White (customized by you)
Accessories:Magic Cup products;Charging cable; Manual
1. Tiny and portable, its nice look can decorate your life. The speaker is brilliant among similar products. Color and logo could be customized, thus it could be the best gift for your friends, making it a high-quality radio and hot-sales product to choose.
2. It is a small size Bluetooth speaker, which brings you wonderful enjoyment with its amazing sound and pro-long time player time. Living-concerts experience, delicate, pure sounds of nature, mini size, one hand holds, portable, cool designed with the light shining hole. Strong sense of science-tech, upgrade Bluetooth version to 5.0. Hands-free function.
3. The connection is more stable, with a long connect distance. Cannon ultra-long life battery Bluetooth speaker is of small size with a superpower amplifier. Aluminum alloy material, high-quality guard, 500mAh capacity, last playing over 6 hours, these data are tested by the laboratory, actual data should be taken the environmental effect into consideration.
4. TWS wireless Bluetooth stereo headset can work for a long time, and is of high-quality sound.
5. It can match up with the mode quickly, easy to pick and pair, it's much faster and more convenient to operate.
6. You can share the same song with your friends, lovers and family in 10 meters long.
7. IPX 5 Waterproof and sweat proof for life design. DS noise reduction, calling clearly. Lightweight by stealth design. Powerful chip, updated Bluetooth v5.0.
8. Working a long time, higher quality sound, emergency charging. The match up with the mode is quick, easy to pick and pair, it's much faster and more convenient.
9. Smooth and beautiful appearance makes you look more fashion, and it's also easy to take. High-quality sound will bring you much enjoyment both to the body and the ear. It's appearance is cool and fashionable, and is also easy to operate. Besides, it is versatile with a long standby time. The function of high definition calls and music playing is more flexible to suits user's own tastes.
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