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Ultra-mini PC Computer Stick
Ultra-mini PC Computer Stick
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Ultra-mini PC Computer Stick

A computer stick also called compute stick, PC stick, mini PC on a stick, computer on a stick, or screenless PC — is a single-board, palm-sized computer that somewhat resembles a media streaming stick or an oversized USB flash drive.

Computer sticks feature mobile processors, graphics processors, flash memory storage, RAM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, operating systems, and an HDMI connector. Some computer sticks also offer microSD card slots, micro USB, and/or USB 2.0/3.0 ports for storage/device expansion.

How to use Compute Stick

1. Plug your Compute Stick into the TV

Even though the Compute Stick may look like a USB, it actually has a HDMI connector.

This goes into the HDMI port on the back of your TV screen. If there isn’t enough room between your TV and the wall, you can use the included extension cable.

Next, add power by plugging your Compute Stick into the adaptor and into the wall, or using the USB port to connect it to your TV. Press the power button on the device and check it’s working.

Please note: Intel Compute Sticks are designed to use up to 10 W of power. If you are trying to power your Stick from the TV rather than a plug this may affect use and/or device speed.

2. Add a keyboard and mouse

Next, you may want to add a keyboard and mouse to your monitor and Compute Stick, so as you can navigate the screen or work from it. You can connect a USB wireless keyboard and mouse, using a USB dongle or a wired mouse and keyboard using the USB port on the Intel Compute Stick.

If you want to use a Bluetooth device, you may run into some issues as the Compute Stick doesn't automatically search for Bluetooth devices and the Wi-Fi seems to be affected by Bluetooth use. Some users suggest setting up a wired mouse and keyboard to help the device search for the wireless mouse and keyboard you want to use.

3. Set up Windows

Depending on which model you use, the Intel Compute Stick will then take you through Windows setup.

This is like setting up a new PC; connect to WiFi, choose your Time and Date settings and so on.

4. Get started

Now your device is set up you're ready to begin streaming TV shows, playing music, setting up apps and basically using your screen as a smart device.

Benefits of Ultra-mini PC Computer Stick

Tiny size but huge function. It runs Windows 10(64bits) system. Just plug to turn your HDMI display into a personal computer---control it the same as the computer. You also can enjoy the video time with your family and friends. It's easy to get your handy pocket personal computer and be more productive. Silent quality fan design devote to provide better release temperatures to help the PC stick work smoothly. High-quality plastic material and light-work style and streaming.

It's convenient to bring it for your commercial project. Stay productive as you want. As a college student, you can share the video or presentation anytime to get the student involved in the class. Make it easier to manage the school computers since it only needs an HDMI display.
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