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Computer Peripherals
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Computer Peripherals

A computer peripheral is any external device that provides input and output for the computer. For example, a keyboard and mouse are inputperipherals, while a monitor and printer are outputperipherals. ... Some peripherals, such as external hard drives, provide both input and output for thecomputer.

For example, Type-C, Computer Dock, Different kind of Mini PC.

Type-C: USB Type-C, referred to as Type-C, is a hardware interface specification for Universal Serial Bus (USB). The highlights of the new interface are a slimmer design, faster transfer speeds (up to 10Gbps) and more powerful power transfer (up to 100W). The biggest feature of the Type-C double-sided pluggable interface is that it supports double-sided insertion of the USB interface, and formally solves the worldwide problem of "USB is never inserted", and the front and back are plugged in casually. At the same time, the USB data cable used with it must also be thinner and lighter.

Computer Dock: Alternatively referred to as a universal port replicator, a docking station is a hardware device that allows portable computers to connect with other devices with little or no effort. Docking stations enable users with a laptop computer to convert it into a desktop computer when at the office or at home.

Ultra Mini-PC: COMPACT AND FUNCTIONAL: The Ultra Mini PC combines all of the processing power of a full-sized PC into a compact and convenient size. ... INTEL INSIDE: Designed with Intel's 7th Generation Celeron (2.4Ghz) processor featuring HD Graphics 500 the Ultra Mini PC is ideal for every type of user.

Industrial Mini-PC: Built with military grade components, our Industrial Mini PCs are designed for 24/7 use in extreme conditions such as factory floors and manufacturing environments. Cybernet's Industrial PCs can handle water, dust, and extreme temperatures without failing. Fanless cooling technology prevents dust and other particulates from damaging internal components, leading to a much higher MTBF. All of our industrial computers are also IEC60068 certified, meaning they are shock and vibration proof. VESA, din rail and rack mount options are available. Mount these computers in enclosures, in vehicles or on the factory floor. Compact designs mean a small footprint and safer workspaces.
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