Selling Point

1. Unlock the potential of your USB-C port with USB-A (data only), HDMI, and Ethernet functionality.
2. USB C Hub provides a stable environment for different cables and connectors with high-grade aluminum. The Maximum temperature, when it's fully plugged in, will reach up to 116.6 Fahrenheit which should only be warm to the touch. This is a normal phenomenon when a hub is in use, and should not result in equipment damaged.
3. Extremely compact and slim, this USB C Hub is portable and takes up very little desktop space. Place the hub in your bag for on-the-go presentations, data gathering, design projects and more. An ideal device for everyday carrying, commuting and traveling.
4. To prevent losing connection to your laptop or other streaming devices, please always keep your streaming device fully charged via a male-to-female input port.
5. USB 3.0 transfer is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. And this port can also connect mouse, keyboard, hard disks. Compatible with all USB ports. This USB type C 3.1 port can connect to your cellphone, charging or transferring files. And also can connect to a charger to charge the computer. By the way, our products are high-quality. We provide a 1-year warranty for all of our products.
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