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A bunch of new HDMI dongles have recently flooded the market, allowing users to run Android apps, stream video content and much more. Intel has now joined the race with a rather unusual product – a Bay Trail Atom powered HDMI stick that can become a fully operational PC. Intel even claims that it is the smallest PC in the world supporting Windows 8.1 and Android.
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This doesn't mean that you can boot them separately, but you can install Android or any Linux distribution if Windows 8.1 isn't what you prefer. The tiny PC is priced at $125 with shipping expenditure included and currently can be bought from AliExpress website. Intel didn't even bother to issue a press release, and that's because pretty much anyone who owns a copy of the OS can make a bootable USB drive.

However, it can prove to be an useful product for persons on the-go and who don't want to sacrifice their working space. Here are the tech specs that it sports:

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Quad-core 1.83 GHz Bay Trail processor Z3735F with 2MB cache
1GB of RAM
16 GB of storage with a 32 GB version on the cards along with microSD card slot for more Support for 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.
There's also a 32-bit Atom Z3735G-powered dongle coupled with 2GB of RAM that's more expensive just by $15. This intel mini pc windows 8.1 usb]product actually has a name, being called Meegopad Windows HDMI TV. Judging by its name, this product is aimed at those who want to quickly transform their monitors or TVs into a full-blown personal computer.

And despite being so small, we can see that on top of the HDMI, microSD and the two micro USB 2.0 ports, there's also a power button located on the outer shell. So Intel is probably right when it calls it the 'world's smallest'.

Update – as some of you were wondering, this product isn't manufactured by Intel itself but by a Chinese vendor called Shenzhen Apec Electronics.

However, it seems that Intel is backing up the company, hint to that being the image from the right that shows the product being displayed at the Intel IoT Asia event.

Also, it seems that it isn't that easy to get one yourself, since there are just 500 units on the above mentioned AliExpress link. Let's hope that the device will hit retail at a certain point in future, as well.
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