Mini-PC APM-D01
Mini-PC APM-D01
Mini-PC APM-D01
Mini-PC APM-D01

Mini-PC APM-D01

Series: Docking Station for Stick PC
I/O Port:   USB2.0*2
         Audio port*1
         Lan port*1
         USB charging cable*2
Selling point:
1.Being a necessity for Ultra book users, the Dock Station will allow additional USB ports for all laptop peripherals, providing better ergonomics and convenience.
2.It will also let IT administrators simplify their workplace onto one docking station It is simple to use and understand for all users.
3.Docking and un docking is simple: just plug in a USB 3.0 cable from the Dock Station to any USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port on your laptop and your display(s) and peripherals will be activated in seconds.
4.Multitasking is made easier with more HD displays, Docking station is equipped with HDMI and VGA/DVI monitor ports allowing a maximum display resolution of 2048 x 1152. For audio, you get a headset and microphone input and 5.1 Channel surround sound via the interface.
5.Stable Connections - Not only does this docking station consolidate your devices, it manages their performance, too. A smart chip prioritizes bandwidth usage, so even when running at full capacity, you get smooth, stable connections.
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  • APM-D01
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