Installation Classification of the Lamp Socket, Installation Steps of the Lamp Socket

First, Classification of lamp holders:

Lamp socket:

Its function is to fix the bulb (or lamp tube), according to its structure, and it can be divided into screw and jack (socket) lamp socket; according to its installation method, it can be divided into pendant lamp holder (commonly known as lamp holder), flat lamp holder and tubular lamp holder; electric wood, porcelain and metal lamp holder; according to its use, they can be divided into ordinary lamp socket, waterproof lamp socket, safety lamp socket and multifunctional lamp socket.

Second, Installation steps:

1. Place the installed cap hose on the plastic sleeve, then pierce it into the hole in the clamp of the lamp clip, and put on the washer, and screw the metal hose onto the lamp.

2. Peel off the end of the power line with stripping pliers.

3. Equipment power plug (note that the plug should be marked "safe").

4. Turn the range switch of the multimeter to resistance R *1 and zero, and then connect the red and black frames to the two legs of the power plug. If the resistance is zero, there will be a short circuit problem inside, which should be checked and eliminated immediately.

5. Use the multimeter range switch to switch to resistance R X 10 and zero, and touch one-meter ruler with metal hose, and touch another with two pins of power plug. The pointer of the multimeter should not move. If the pointer is zero or fluctuates, it is unsafe to clarify the short circuit or path between the metal hose and the power line, and we carefully check the problem.

Third, Installation of screw sockets:

When installing the screw base, each user must install a set of fuses (main fuses) for short-circuit maintenance:

(1) The switch used to control the power supply of screw base should be installed on the phase line (front). When the switch is disconnected, the lamp head will not be energized to avoid electric shock.

When installing the screw socket, connect the neutral line (neutral line) to the copper screw sleeve and the phase line to the central spring.

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  • Installation Classification of the Lamp Socket, Installation Steps of the Lamp Socket
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