Guidelines for Choosing and Purchasing Smart Speakers

1. Sound quality of smart speakers Generally speaking, the sound effect of two speakers is stronger than that of single speaker. The higher the signal-to-noise ratio (dB) value, the stronger the anti-interference ability of the speaker, the higher the quality of the sound and the better the fidelity effect. In addition, the distortion rate of qualified intelligent speakers should be set at 1%, and there is no noise such as breaking and current sound in normal use.

2. Basic experience Basic functions and experiences must not fall behind: The basic experience of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection distance and stability, duration, volume, APP control and so on should not be abandoned at least. In addition, it is better to be compatible with the terminal devices of Android and iOS systems.

3. Speech recognition As users, we rely on voice to control our smart speakers, so make sure you can accurately identify what you're talking about, and then understand what you're talking about.

4. Content resources Speaker equipment, used to listen to music, stories, news, books and so on, is the most commonly used function in our daily life. Quality content resources support is also an essential element.

5. Intelligent control In addition to user interaction with itself, we also hope to manipulate other devices through intelligent speakers. At present, speakers can control lighting, TV, washing machine, air conditioning, sweeping robot and other equipment at home.

6. Various services In addition to the entrance of smart home, smart speakers are best able to check bus, road conditions, booking tickets, airline tickets, voice reminders, setting up memos, etc.

7. Product price Taking the domestic market as an example, the price of various types of smart speakers ranges from one hundred to several thousand yuan. As far as the current development is concerned, the market price is still rising. 300-600 yuan has become the mainstream price of products.
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  • Guidelines for Choosing and Purchasing Smart Speakers
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