Guide of the Selection and Purchase of Wireless Charger

Portable wireless chargers can be purchased from the following aspects

1. Supporting Fast Charging

For most users, mobile phones have become their inseparable partners, and you should take them to the places you go, so the faster the speed of portable wireless charger is, the better it is. With the wireless fast charging on the market now, 10W high-power fast charging is enough.

2. Portability

For people who often play with mobile phones, charging equipment is a high-usage product, so it must have portable functions. Especially for some partners who often have the business and travel, a compact and high-tech portable wireless charger is definitely popular.

3. Compatibility

Many people don't have more than one cell phone, nor two or three. When faced with several data lines, do you feel burdensome? Portable wireless charger can help you at this time, because wireless charging can be compatible with different devices through the certificates of the QI, so you only need to bring a wireless charger to charge all mobile phones. Is it nice?

4. Induction interval

In the love of the mobile phone, many people will bring the mobile phone with a shell, and you should choose a wireless charge with the largest induction interval, so as to protect the beloved phone well.

5. Safety

Safety has always been the rigid requirement of products. A safe portable wireless charger must have multiple safeguard functions such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection, so it can be regarded as a qualified product.

6. High cost performance ratio

Everyone loves cheap things which has good quality, but whether it's Apple or Samsung, the official wireless chargers are too expensive for many airline users, which makes them hestitate and is sad to them.

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  • Guide of the Selection and Purchase of Wireless Charger
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