Google Home can now Connect Bluetooth Home Speakers for multi-room Audio

Google Home smart speakers can now be paired with Bluetooth home speakers made by non-Google, and Bluetooth home speakers can be paired with a set of Google Home speakers. The new features apply to all three models of Google Home Intelligent speakers.

A Google spokesman told Venture Beat in an e-mail that only one Bluetooth speaker at a time can be connected to a Google home speaker or a group of home speakers.

It is no longer unusual for people to have multiple Bluetooth home speakers at home. And being able to pair speakers at home can dramatically change your experience, providing you with the same songs or podcasts or bedrooms you hear in the bathroom in the kitchen.

By connecting the Bluetooth speaker to the home speaker, you can access the same music or weather or Google smart assistant operations that can be accessed through the Bluetooth home speaker, but still need to transmit voice commands through the home smart speaker. To connect to a Bluetooth speaker, open the Google Home application, click on the device icon in the upper right corner, and then select the home speaker you want to connect to. Then click Settings and scroll down to "Default Music Speaker" and select Bluetooth Speaker.
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  • Google Home can now Connect Bluetooth Home Speakers for multi-room Audio
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