GE Launches PressureDome Camera with Multi-mode Fiber Works

The Security business of GE Infrastructure announced its new PressureDome camera system, a rugged PTZ camera dome offering dry nitrogen pressurization for protection in harsh environments.

The PressureDome also features an integrated fiber-optic receiver that transmits video, data and receives data over a single fiber line. A single fiber-optic connection provides high-quality long-distance video transmission and electrical isolation for internal CyberDome PTZ.

''The new PressureDome system works in the harshest environments,”said Darren Nicholson, marketing vice president in Security's Commercial Solutions business. ”It is perfect for near a beach or coastline where salt and sand could destroy the camera and PTZ.”

The PressureDome housing provides an IP67 environmental rating when filled with 3 to 5 psio.
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  • GE Launches PressureDome Camera with Multi-mode Fiber Works
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