Experience Sharing of Ultra Mini PC

Many students who have finished the college entrance examination ask me to recommend the game pc for them, because they are about to enter university life. However, as a recent college graduate, although I think the game pc is convenient, it is believed that many people play games on bedroom tables, rarely use pc, and just take them home during the holidays.


So what we recommend in this issue is a more powerful ultra mini pc, which is more valuable than the so-called game pc. It has better performance and portability. The only regret is that you need to prepare a monitor by yourself. But now the display of 1000 yuan is much better than the game screen under 8000 yuan.

A ultra mini pc is mainly composed of processor, motherboard, graphics card, memory, power supply, chassis, especially chassis. One of the chassis I recommend is the power switch on the side, all-metal fuselage, silver wire drawing panel, very small and delicate, with limited space inside. So if you want to install the machine in this way, you must pay attention to the size of computer accessories, whether it meets the requirements of the chassis. I personally feel that it is beautiful, simple and not simple, built-in now excellent performance computer accessories. Such performance has exceeded the game pc below 8000 yuan, and the actual installation of this computer only needs 5000 yuan, and its heat dissipation is better than the game pc.

For those who are about to enter the University campus, I would recommend assembling such a ultra mini pc and equip it with another monitor. You can play games in your dormitory very comfortably, and after you graduate with four years, the computer performance still can be used. It will certainly meet the envy of other students.

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  • Experience Sharing of Ultra Mini PC
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