Mulit Functional Flashlight APM-710
Mulit Functional Flashlight APM-710
Mulit Functional Flashlight APM-710
Mulit Functional Flashlight APM-710
Mulit Functional Flashlight APM-710

Mulit Functional Flashlight APM-710

This is a combination products, it consists of 3 parts, 8 modules.
-  3 parts: Head, Body, Tail
-  8 modules:
  1. Head with hammer and seat belt cutter
  2. Head with flashlight
  3. Body with function of dynamo
  4. Body with solar panel
  5. Tail with plasma arc lighter
  6. Tail with compass
  7. Tail with alarm
  8. Tail with Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, alarm, hands-free phone call
Completed product consists with 3 parts: Head, Body, Tail, you can combine it at will according to your requirement.
- Built-in 3.7V 2000mAh 18650 battery.
- With 5V 2.1A high current output
- Solar / Dynamo Emergency function
- Soft & bright table lamp with dimmable function
- High powr arc ignition
- With six different frequencies of alarm, super sound
- Integrated phone, radio, bluetooth mode
- Professional safety hammer, easy to break any glass
- Sharp cutter

1. Flashlight(low/high), safety hammer,
2. seat belt cutter,
3. magnet,
4. power bank,
5. dynamo,
6. solar panel,
7. lamp(low/high),
8. SOS light,
9. plasma arc lighter,
10. compass,
11. bluetooth speaker,
12. FM radio,
13. hands-free phone call,
14. alarm,
15. battery indicator

1.It's new and original airflow design is compact,sleek and function.
2.It's built-in dynamo charging battery capability allows it to function in times of emergency such as when device is in low battery mode.
3.Imported high-luminance LEDs are used to serve as light sources,their lifespan can reach 1000 hours or longer,ensuring high performance and energy efficiency.
4.Capable of alarm flashing, in case of an emergency, the product can be attached to the top or side of your vehicle as visual warning device to other road users.
5.The product can be used as a USB charger for compatible electronic devices.
6.Fully charged, supports lighting 16h,it supports around 20m lighting after 3m cranking.
7.With functions of emergency lighting, power bank,desk lamp,siren&blink,compass,magnetic iron,solar charger,dynamo,plasma arc lighter and Bluetooth radio.
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