Connectable Device for the USB C Connector

Speaking of usb c connector, you should not be unfamiliar. However, if you ask what devices usb c connectors can connect, I do not know who can answer. In the following section, I will introduce what kind of devices can be connected by usb c connectors, which will open your eyes. It will be amazing to read them. I didn't expect that a small usb c connector can connect so many devices.

USB Type-C has been on the market for some time. As early as August 2014, the USB 3.1 standard had just been finalized, which is a new specification for USB cables and connectors. It defines a new set of USB physical specifications (type-c interface) including connectors, ports, containers and cables.

New interface sizes and slightly cool names make it very easy for first-time consumers to think that this is a new USB standard, but in fact it is not. USB Type-C is only part of the USB 3.1 standard, not a new one. In addition, it should be noted that similar to common USB 2.0, the USB 3.1 standard still has Type-A (commonly used in computer hosts) and Miro-B (commonly used in Android phones) interfaces. The usb c connector is not the only choice for consumers to enjoy high-speed data transmission for the USB 3.1.

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  • Connectable Device for the USB C Connector
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