Characteristics of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speaker has its unique characteristics:

1. Wide application Bluetooth technology specifications are unified globally, mobile phones, PDA, wireless headphones, laptops, automobiles, medical equipment, computer peripherals and many other devices. With a Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth devices can be easily connected, and then data transmission or voice communication can be carried out. Widely popularized, good compatibility, so Bluetooth speaker sales prospects are good.

2. Easy to operate Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology. It does not require a fixed infrastructure, and is easy to install and set up. It does not need cables to realize connection. It is very convenient to use. Simply complete the matching, it can be put into use, and the operation threshold is low.

3. Faster transmission speed Compared with other methods such as infrared, Bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed. Bluetooth 4.0 theory has a maximum speed of 24Mbps. Faster speed can guarantee higher sound quality and make it have enough capacity to carry higher bit rate music.

4. Moderate transmission distance The transmission distance of Bluetooth is usually less than 10 meters, which is just the size of a room and can transmit data through a partition wall. It is very suitable for home environment. Although it has many advantages, Bluetooth transmission protocol, like other 2.4G devices, shares the same frequency band, which inevitably leads to interference between signals. In addition, Bluetooth protocol is not a free technology. Any manufacturer who uses this technology will pay a patent fee to the organization. And this part of the cost will also be reflected in the sales of Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth audio equipment prices are still higher than ordinary products.
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  • Characteristics of Bluetooth Speakers
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