Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini PC Computer Stic

Advantages of mini pc computer stic

(1) compact and portable

Compact is the biggest feature of mini pc computer stic. Its volume is generally 1/30 of the volume of the traditional desktop mainframe, equivalent to the thickness of a 300-page book, the length and width of A5 paper size. Such as mini pc computer stic is called "book computer", precisely because the host machine looks like a Book standing quietly on the desk. Of course, there are smaller mainframes on the market, such as computer sticks, which are the size of a U disk. Mini pc computer stic is very convenient to carry. They can even be carried anywhere directly in your trousers pocket, bringing greater convenience to work and life.

2) Save space resources

Mini pc computer stic is small in size, can stand or lie on a hanger fixed, can be placed in any corner of the table at will. It can also be fixed in a special hanger on the display or electricity: behind the screen, it frees up a broader space resources for the current office or home life, and gives the desktop a clean and tidy space. In the modern life resources are limited, house prices and rents are rising, office equipment, household appliances and so on are also increasingly in need of mini-compact shape, mini pc computer stic is also catering to people's needs.

(3) Fashionable and beautiful

Most of the traditional large desktop mainframe stereotypes can no longer meet the aesthetic needs of modern people. And the mini pc computer stic has fashionable appearance design, it is small and delicate. Whether it is placed on the desk, living room or study, it is very artistic, bringing more pleasant experience to life and work.

1. Low power consumption, energy saving and power saving

2. Disadvantages of mini pc computer stic

(1) Because of its small size, there is a problem of heat dissipation. The performance of the main engine will not be high and the continuous working time will be short.

(2) After-sales problems of mini pc computer stic products often require users to send them back to the factory for repairs. Many computer repair shops can not provide technical personnel and technical services for mini pc computer stic repairs. Of course, the mini pc computer stic market has just opened, and after-sales always lags behind product sales, which takes time to accumulate technical services.

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  • Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini PC Computer Stic
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