A Summary of the Advantages of Selection of the Five-hole USB Socket

Five-hole double socket with usb is a safe and power-saving universal socket with USB interface, which includes the main body of the socket. The main body of the socket is set with a usb base, and the usb base is set with a linkage switch and a usb socket. The main body of the socket is provided with a charger module. The input end of the charger module is parallel to the output end of the linkage switch, and the positive and negative poles of the output end are corresponding to the positive and negative poles of the power supply end of the USB socket. The input end of the linkage switch is connected with the power supply.

Five-hole double socket with usb  attaches a plurality of USB sockets to the general switch, and makes the USB socket connect with the municipal power only when the power is needed. Thus, the utility model not only has the advantage of charging the low-voltage electrical appliances by connecting the low-voltage electrical appliances with the USB sockets on the general switch with the USB sockets, but also has the advantages of preventing the configuration from long-term power connection, extending the configuration life, and saving power and electricity, eliminating hidden dangers.

What are the advantages of five-hole double socket with usb?

1. Compared with the original socket, the five-hole socket with usb is safer and more energy-saving. The five-hole socket with usb has a module for charging. The five-hole socket can not only be used to connect electrical appliances to make them work properly, but also be directly used to charge appliances such as mobile phones that can use the five-hole socket with usb, so that even if people can not find a charger, they do not need to worry the things that phones can't be recharged without electricity happening. It's very convenient and fast.

2. Five-hole socket has more electric outlets, so it is more convenient to use electricity. Many usb sockets on the socket are attached to the general switch, which makes the usb socket connect with the city power only when it has to use electricity, greatly preventing the waste of power resources. Moreover, it makes the configuration of connected power supply not long, and greatly prolongs the service life of the configuration, and saves electricity and eliminates the potential safety hazards of electricity consumption.

3. Five-hole double sockets with usb, which is more delicate and has more beautiful appearance, are installed in the new home , which will not damage the decoration aesthetics of the home. At the same time, such five-hole sockets are also more safe, and electricity security can be guaranteed.

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  • A Summary of the Advantages of Selection of the Five-hole USB Socket
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